09 December 2016


Dang, I am happy to see this one finished. Charles Anctil, Master Rosarian with the American Rose Society, and personal buddy, has looked over the manuscript and made recommendations, all of which I followed, so I have his stamp of approval on this book.

Roses are the Queen of Flowers. They’re beautiful, fragrant, and elegant – and roses require all the pampering of a real Queen, don’t they? Actually, they don’t! Rose gardening can be easy and pleasant.

I’ve worked 25 years in horticulture and cared for over 300 roses when I was municipal horticulturist. I found ways to keep gardening fussbudgetry to a minimum while growing vigorous roses that bloomed their heads off. This book shares tricks and shortcuts that rosarians use, plus simple ways you can keep up with your to-do list in the rose garden.

Roses are filled with romance, history, color, and fragrance. Grow some. It is worth it.

Rose to the Occasion: An Easy-Growing Guide to Rose Gardening, is available in paperback here at CreateSpace.

You can also grab a paperback copy of Rose to the Occasion at Amazon. Check out that snazzy cover, by the way.

I am now trying to re-format the text so I can publish it on Kindle with all new (color!!) awesome pics. I'm trying to use code this time around so I can get good, predictable results, and also have a book that works well across all ebook formats. (Once I figure out the best way to do this, I'll be reformatting the Vegetable Garden book. It looks nice on some formats but on other platforms it's a mess.)

Up next: One of my buds is making a cool cover for Butterfly Chaos. I still need to upload the story into a CreateSpace template and get that show on the road. Alas, my life is such that I'm doing about 23 things simultaneously -- so be patient with me!