15 July 2006

A little housecleaning.

Taking a break from the house for a moment to check my e-mail (there is none; nobody loves me) and post. Miss Thang's birthday party is tomorrow, and she's going to be five. "Mommy, I can't wait!" she told me with the intensity of a little kid that's about to explode. She has also been alerting total strangers to the upcoming festivities, probably so they can bring a present too.

Except she's stomping down the hall right now going "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!" in a Santa voice. "Here's your presents!" She's pretty fun.

Got the kitchen and the living room finished. Still need to clean out the refrigerator, the bathroom, and re-clean up Sophie's room. In the course of cleaning the other rooms, all this stuff moved back there.

Going to totally skip the office and our bedroom. I'll keep those doors closed so I can just shove stuff out of sight, if necessary, at the last minute. Also my husband has some of his piles (some??!) back here and I am not even going to bother.

Back to the old grind.


rindambyers said...

Thanks Melinda for leaving your post on my Thailand "trip!" Hope you enjoy that one.

Love roses but am a terrible gardener though my roses are doing okay so hope to enjoy your gardening info!

Thanks, Rinda M. Byers


Melinda said...

Hey Rinda --

If you ever have any rose questions, just drop me a line. I don't call myself Rosefiend for nothing!

I've bookmarked your Thai site for future reference. So much cool stuff! Thanks!

Lady S said...

that sounds like how i clean my house. close the doors!

Don Tate II said...

So, those 'piles' really do put men on the bad-boy list? I was recently informed that my balled up sox had cost me several hundred love points.

Melinda said...

Lady S, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Don, let me tell you a sock story. One time I went through my husband's sock drawers and culled out all his sad socks and put them in the trash.

Some months later, I'd finished folding his jeans and needed more room in his dresser, so I started clearing out a drawer. And what did I find, hidden in this drawer, but 50 MILLION SAD SOCKS, the ones I thought I had thrown out. My man had found them in the trash and had stashed them away!

So that was a couple o' love points lost right there!!!

And yeah, piles of stuff left for months, untouched, make you lose points too. Just so you know.