07 November 2007

Obviously this needs a quick update!!!!

I haven't been over here at this blog for a while because I seem to be doing all my blogging at rosefiend.livejournal.com. I used to double-post on both blogs, but when the last Apocalypse hit I fell out of the habit and haven't gotten back to it since.

Anyway, if anyone's looking for me acting silly, or getting all crazy about writing, that's where I've been doing it at. And you can even friend me. :)


Lacey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've had my brazeli/bratzeli iron for 15+ years. I got it at Roberts (www.shopswiss.com) - it was pricy at the time, and now appears to be even more so. It looks like they still carry the same model that I have.

Melinda said...

Oh! I didn't see your comment about the brazeli iron until now!!

I have a brazeli recipe that my grandma's friend Lydia used to make, but alas I have no iron to cook it with. I'll have to check out your link.

She had an old cast-iron iron, square, with a picture in every corner. It sold at auction for $1,500 to some collector in Texas after she died. We were all pretty disgusted about that.