21 June 2006

I love alfalfa.

Got the PDF file from Therese today that shows what my alfalfa article looks like for Organic Gardening. We're going to press! I still have to get a tiny bit of information on whether one of my sources has a Ph.D or not, but other than that it's done.

Now I gotta get some OG's from the library, look them over, and write them a query about micorrhyza and what conditions are necessary to make them work with your garden plants. Not that I'm a mycologist (one who studies fungi), but mycology is an interesting field, and it's all about plant symbiology, baby.

And that would tie in nicely with the soilbuilding book proposal.

Or an article about earthworms would also be nice.

Let's get on the stick, it's 9:30 already.

BTW, we went to the Royals game last night and they actually WON. Berroa stole two bases (BRC corrected me: he stole one base and the pitcher got an error ... whatever!) and DeJesus broke his bat in half for a double, I think. And we talked a little about the Bo Jackson days, when he was playing with the Royals in Seattle and he threw a ball clear from the wall at the back of the field to Bob Boone at home plate and it NEVER BOUNCED, to get an out on Harold Reynolds! It was great to have watched him in the good ol' days.


Brad said...

That sure is a purty .pdf file.

The error was E2 (on the catcher for throwing the ball off the mark to second base). Had the throw been there, Berroa is safe at second, but not off to third.

Don't trip on one of them there OGs.

Melinda said...

Okay, Mr. Baseball, point taken, I'm signing you up for SABR right now.

(Even though George Will is a member ... oh well.)

I would make a comment about pants here but for every comment I've attempted to post you've said, "That's not nice!" So I'll be nice.

Lucky you.

Melinda said...

I knew that would get a chuckle out of you.

Melinda said...

Good thing I didn't tell 'em the sock story.