19 June 2006


I'm up to 16 pages of character sketches and have written about three or four new pages of Symphonians scene, and moved around bits of Chapter 17 to make the chapter chronological. Now I need to figure what the impetus behind Ch. 17 is. Right now it feels like it's going all over the map -- no cohesion. But writing time is over, and now I gotta go get the kid. I feel good, though -- nice writing day, though part of it I was falling asleep at the desk and I had to sit outside and write longhand under the silver maple so I could stay awake. And then chai tea, which is also very good. I just wish I could work longer, now that I've found the groove, but, as they say on earth, C'est la vie!

On the i-Pod -- It *was* the Hollies with "The Air That I Breathe" (one of my songs) but BRC switched it "It's Only Love" by Byron Adams and Tina Turner (one of his songs). Oh well. Though Tina kicks ass.


Brad said...

The Hollies were putting me to sleep - "All I need is the air that I breathe..." to and Bryan Adams was a better alternative. "Somebody" is the best, but the Turner duet is a close second and did the trick to wake me back up.

Melinda said...

Hey, drink some damn Diet Pepsi or something, honeybunch!! Just don't mess with my music! I put up with George Thorogood, you could at least put up with Noa or the Hollies!

Love ya.

(Sounds like I could use a little chocolate myself to turn this snapping turtle into a happy, fluffy kitty cat.)