28 November 2006

General whining.

Why do I keep running from my novel? Why do I keep messing around on this damn blog! I am a wimp! Wimpity wimp wimp wimp! Egad! Self-flagellation and stuff!

Okay I'm done.

Really, I didn't do too badly today. I got a pretty good run through part of chapter whatever. I probably would have gotten farther except I kept messing around with blogs and i-Tunes.

Then I crashed into the next scene, crashed and burned. I got up and started picking through the wreckage, but by then my work day was over and it was time to fetch the kid.

I do wish that I could turn off the internet on my work machine. 'Course, I'd just turn it back on again.


Don Tate II said...

Welp, you'd better get back to biz, and write!

Melinda said...

You got that right!

I ended up just checking out a pile of YA books and have started reading through it. Ooh, Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson was very good but I nearly started bawling.

jennifer said...

Hi Melinda,

I saw on my friends list that you friended me, so I came over to check out your blog and website. Do I know you from the Blue Board?

We have a lot in common! I played the tuba in high school and "This is my world and welcome to it," is an expression I use a lot. Is it originally from James Thurber?

I am so delighted you friended me. I look forward to getting to know you. I'll friend you back.


Melinda said...

Maybe from the SCBWI discussion board. I went out and friended a bunch of SCBWI'ers recently.

Also I have a LJ account, and I post on Blogger and LJ at the same time, though sometimes I'm rushed and post in only one forum. I'm at rosefiend.livejournal.com as well.

The tuba rocks, does it not? And actually, "my world and welcome to it" is one of my favorite Thurber books. Once in a while I'll drop a Thurber quote, though lately they havent' been showing up as often as they used to.

Thanks for dropping by! Good luck on your MG.