17 November 2006

They're at it again!

This time the book "And Tango Makes Three" is being challenged in Shiloh, Ill.

Sorry that my source is Fox News. "Fair and balanced" so far to the right it's going to fall over. So naturally the headline screams "Gay penguin book!"

They made a little reference to my local library at the end of the article. Actually, this library has branches in both Savannah and St. Joseph. When I'm in there, I pull the book from nonfiction and put it on top of the stacks with the other books on display. Just doing my part.


Lady S said...

I suspect my children are going to be so balanced they are going to fall over the other way. I intend to have books about every kind of family and every kind of person and every kind of religion. In fact, my children will probably be confused why were are white, heterosexual, Christians in small town Vermont.

Melinda said...

Sweet! That's the power of books at work for you.