07 November 2006

Musing on race.

I was in the office lunchroom, making hot chocolate, when a co-worker came in to fill her water cup and look at the paper and gasped. "They shot at her SUV?" she said, reading an article I'd read earlier. (The SUV belonged to the lady who's running for state auditor.)

"Yeah," I said. "They did apprehend the shooter. A Hispanic man. Allegedly."

I carried my hot chocolate into the office, but then wondered: why did I say he was Hispanic? Did it matter in the case? Not at all. It was a man with a gun who did it; did the color of his skin make him shoot more accurately? No. If a white man had shot the gun, would I have told her "A white man shot the gun"?

So I guess I'm not as color-blind as what I'd hoped. Keep working on it.

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