12 April 2006

Ear infection and rejection.

Alas, the Angel in the Silence short-story collection came back with a rejection letter, as I found out when I returned from KC last night. Was tempted to say, "I drove through a thunderstorm with an ear infection and all I got was this lousy rejection!" But when you say it out loud, it doesn't scan; moreover, it makes no sense. Such is my life.

But she did put a little balloon sticker on the rejection letter, which I liked. That's the first time I'd gotten a sticker on a rejection. Is this the start of a trend?

I'll hit her up with a query for Symphonians next. Or have I already sent Symphonians to her? And if I did, was it the revised version?

Shoot, gotta get a new list of markets to send the collection to. I might try some adult houses and see how that goes. I need to be sending this to agents, too. That way I can avoid all this back-and-forth. I'll just have the agent send me all my rejection letters and I can see if anyone else is putting stickers on theirs.

I should probably get this ear infection looked at. I'll be getting a cortizone shot tomorrow; maybe that'll help clear up these everlasting ear infections by clearing up this everlasting post-nasal drip. I have allergies out the wazoo and sometimes my nose gets so clogged that when I talk I sound like I'm holding my nose, which I am not. And I don't want to go to the MWG conference in that state!

On the CD player -- Sam Bush, "Same Ol' River" from Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride


Lizzy said...

I've never heard of agents putting stickers on rejections. I like it; a balloon sticker seems friendly. If it would have been a smiley face sticker, though, that would have been wierd.

Ear infections are no fun. No fun at all. Get better.

Melinda said...

It was the editor that done it! I like it too.

Just recently I got somebody else's query sent to me in one of my SASE's. A little mix-up at the publishing house, apparently. So I sent the query on back to the writer and included a mix CD with the package to ease the pain.

Now, that would be fun to get back with a rejection! Then we'd be like, "Whoo! Another rejection! Hey, this editor likes Van Halen too!" But then you'd get all kinds of music nuts sending MSS in, and the slush piles are full already.

My ear infection seems to have improved because I'm not noticing it so much now. (ooo, tough girl.)

Lizzy said...

An editor--that's even better. Sort of like a gold star on an elementary school assignment. I've heard of people getting rejections addressed to the name of their main character. That cracks me up. I'd have to frame it.

I bet that writer really appreciated the CD!

Melinda said...

By golly she'd better!