03 April 2006

I love my blog!

My blog is too much fun! I love it! I love the nice layout of the pages. I love my little pinkish hedgehog that hops into the air and rolls into a ball. (I tried to add a llama but messed up the code -- I'll try again later.) I love how it takes my insane thoughts and makes them all sleeked up and important-looking. I love forest green. I love my little writing guy icon, though I still have thoughts of replacing him with a praying mantis, just for fun. I love getting all the goofy comments from my husband and posting them so everyone can see what a funny guy he is. I love slapping photos onto my articles. I love blabbing and looking so knowledgeable and smart, and the reader never suspects that I am still suffering, alas, from food poisoning! Did I say I love blabbing? Well I do twice over.

Maybe it's about time I lay down.


Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Melinda! First, thank you for posting a comment on my blogsite. Second, you are the ONLY person I've ever known to have the same birthday as me. Happy belated! Third, LOVE LOVE your blog. I especially relate to your musings about re-reading your work that "sucks", then you fix it and it still "sucks" and then you eventually create something workable. I go through that every single day...the sucking part, I mean. So, it's nice to know that someone as talented as you goes through the same thing...there's hope for me yet!

Eve aka "disco mermaid girl"

Melinda said...

Me, talented? I've just been doing this for a while. Time makes up for a lot of faults.

If you have the same birthday I do, then you might understand this: Easter has fallen only ONCE on my birthday. That was in 1972, and I was one year old, too young to appreciate it. But for the next 34 years, Easter has skipped around my birthday. I've found a calendar of Easter dates online that goes up to 2050 and we still don't get Easter! Oh, sure, it falls on the first a couple of times, but that's not good enough! Somebody notify the Pope.

Happy birthday to you, too! On my birthday, I saw Dave Brubeck in concert (he's 85) -- good; I got food poisoning -- bad; my mom forgot to call me and wish me happy birthday -- bad; my little girl made me a cake and drew me a card -- very good. So it sort of balanced out, except for general intestinal heck and angst.


Lizzy said...

Llama? Did you say llama? Are you a fan of the Llama llama duck song? I recently memorized it. Harder than you'd think!

Melinda said...

I have heard the Llama song and my daughter likes it. But there's a little llama you can get at bunnyherolabs.com, the same place I got the hedgehog. (We do have one up on Sophie's page at http://melindacordell.com/Sophies%20pets.htm.)

They are so cute! If you want to put it up on Blogger, though, you'll have to whittle down the size of the box, or cube, or whatever a little bit. You might be able to look at the source code and see how I did it because I'm not sure I could tell you what I did to make it work.


Kim said...


Just wanted you to know that I created a Live Journal feed to your blog so that LJers can just add your syndicated feed as a "friend" on their friends list. That might save you the work of maintaining two blogs! People can find the syndicated feed here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/rosefiend_synd/profile (or search livejournal user rosefiend_synd) Sometimes it takes a day or two for the new syndicated feed to get going.

Melinda said...

Thanks Kim! I'll have to check it out. I still haven't figured out how to friend anyone, which makes me mad, I just keep going around in circles instead of getting anything accomplished. Also, having two blogs is (to me) a pain in the patootie. Thanks for your kind help!

When I get a little time this weekend I'll put up a link to your place at this blog.