23 April 2006

Here comes the conference!

I don't know what it is about spring, especially April and May, but even if you're not in the horticulture business, you end up running like crazy. Suddenly my schedule is packed full of all the fun stuff you can imagine. Well, some of it's fun, anyway, and some's more like a drag, but what the hey. I will be seeing the allergist tomorrow at last, which is nice. And I did get some novel revised when I was subbing last week, so that was nice, too.

Anyway, the big Missouri Writer's Guild conference is coming up, and we're putting the hammer down as we hit the last week and all its preparations. I'm fixing up floral centerpieces (with the help of my mother-in-law, who used to work as a floral designer -- she's not doing it any more but she still remembers her stuff!) and signs for the conference, while pulling my own stuff together, however feebly. Gotta write up a sheet for what I'm going to say at my five-minute pitch to an agent. Gotta think of what I could say at my critique with a different agent and be ready for whatever questions she throws at me. Also making a list so I don't go clear out there and discover that I forgot my pajamas, or my hairbrush, or my deodorant.

Just realized I need to write my gardening column, too. Whoops! Better get 'er done.


Lizzy said...

I've been to lots and lots of (non-writer's) conferences, and never have I seen a floral centerpiece. How nice!

Melinda said...

Thanks, Lizzy. Oh, the things you can do if you have the right relatives who know things that you don't and who are willing to help you out!

But I tell you, I couldn't have fixed up those bouquets if she didn't show me how.