03 August 2006

Getting better.

Got that Genesis song playing, "It's Gonna Get Better," and finally. Went to the doc today to get this depression taken care of, and now I'm starting to feel better. Also ran around with my husband today and we got some stuff done, and now I'm feeling like I want to run errands and get things done again. It's nice how something so simple can have such a big effect. But boy, I don't want to crash like that again, it's been ages since I felt that low.

Also on the bright side, I've been able to work a lot on the Symphonians story because of this depression. Concentrating on getting the words written, trying to visualize scenes, and making word choices has really helped me when my brain just wouldn't leave off. I have moved ahead so fast. I have left behind the omnipresent Chapter 16 (at last I realized that I needed to cut the last five pages and replaced them with a half-page of strong text and I was DONE with that) and now I'm working on Chapter, I don't know, 25 (I keep adding in chapters and switching chapters around so I don't know where the heck I am). Anyway, it's the third chapter from the end. Yay!

Anyway, more progress.


Kim said...

I hope you're 100% soon! I get a touch of SAD in the winter. We finally figured that out. This year I'll know what to ask for if it happens again :-)

It's lousy to feel so out of things. I hope things look up soon.

Melinda said...

Hey Kim --

I hope I'm 100% soon, too. It's kind of a drag being a drag. Thanks for the good thoughts and understanding where I'm coming from.