10 August 2006

Maybe too good.

So me and the kid are heading down the aisles at Wal-Mart, picking up some mandarin oranges when my cell starts singing its song. I answer: It's the lady at the staffing agency. I'd been passed over for a proofreading job just a few days ago. Now they've decided to hire two people instead of one; could I start tomorrow or Monday? It's full time.

I chose Monday so I can get things ("things" being the kid) lined out tomorrow. But I'm a little torn. I'd like the HS paraprofessional job except this "you don't get paid all summer" thing is scary, and the HS job pays less than the proofreading job.

But I love to work with HS kids -- I get good story ideas from them. Proofreading would not be as good for my story -- stare at a computer all day and see how thrilled you are about sitting down at a computer when you get home.

And another worry ... this is a temp position. What if, after 90 days, they say, "Okay, things have leveled out now, we don't need two people filling this position" and then they let me go. School will have started by then, so no para position to fall into. Aiee!

I'll be asking a lot of questions and keeping the radar up, but I'll take the proofreading job. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... it looks like those storms they're having around Topeka are heading this way. We could use the rain! But gaah, you need gills to breathe outside, humidity feels like it's almost 100 percent. God bless air conditioning.


Don Tate II said...

As a writer, I'd think that would be a great job to study the kids!

Melinda said...

Unfortunately, almighty commerce rules the roost here! I'd like to take the para job too. But that three month lack of income just freaks me out.