17 August 2006

Working woman!

Well, I'm now a working stiff. I took the proofreading job, though I regretted turning down the school jobs. The paycheck won me over: all three jobs paid approximately the same, but with the school jobs, I wouldn't be paid over the summer, and that freaked me out.

So now I look over sales listings for Angus cattle all day, which actually is kind of peaceful and quiet work, though I have to be careful not to strain my eyes. There are one or two few freaky things about the cattle industry, the freakiest being this constant mention of scrotal measurements and, um, semen. But keep in mind that if I were writing something directed toward rose breeders, they'd be talking about pollen constantly. These guys are just really into increasing their live stock. REALLY into it.

In other news, Symphonians has increased its characters of color -- including the main love interest, Noel. And Yvonne's Asian, and Roderick is part Spanish. It ain't much, but it's a start.

I have 36 pages left to revise before I send it off to one of my critique partners to critique. The way things have been going, that 36 pages is probably going to stretch out to close to 50 by the time I get done with them. The novel's already 336 pages long, and it's got me a little worried.

I'm getting off the computer before my eyeballs fall out.

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