18 October 2006

Finished! (Kinda.)

Oh fraboujous day, callouh, callay, and she chortled in her glee. Today I worked on the last chapter of Symphonians and finally straightened out the LAST SCENE in the book, and it was great to get that done. A resolution! And everything fit! And some thematic stuff from earlier popped up in there just to be nice! Which doesn't usually happen, not to me anyway.

I'm going to work on that last chapter some more tomorrow (it's been really slow at work -- today I just did a few corrections and that was it) and then I'll print it out. Then I'm going to mark it up, along with the last 60 pages. But I'm starting to feel a lot better, mainly because I've been whining about revising the second part of the novel since May. Geez Louise, that's been five months! But I'm still going to send it out to two critique buddies to get some comments. I'm hoping to get this novel finished off and sent back to FSG by December, because in January my workload's going to pick up big time and it sounds like I'm going to be unavailable for two months because of overtime and other fun stuff. So that's my goal. Let's see if I can reach it.

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