15 May 2006

Back to work.

I've finally gotten back to work on Symphonians, and it's so nice. I'm concentrating on the second part, which needs it of course. To start, I'm doing short chapter outlines -- I list what happens in each scene, then write a one-sentence synopsis of the chapter, looking at what's really happening in the chapter. I also tweak chapter titles so they get closer to the heart of what each chapter is covering, and make a list of images that run through the chapter. Also random notes all over the MS.

It's kind of exciting to work on a novel that I like! Even though I still get frustrated at times with the fact that the words don't just pop out of my head, fully formed, like Athena. But I ain't Zeus, either, and I don't have headaches like he does. Oh, yeah I do: It's called a novel-in-progress.

I've also been sending out resumes and job apps hither and yon. I'd like to get a job before the summer's out. Not teaching, though. I know I would be constantly lamenting my inability to work on my own writing, even while I attempt to teach others to write. I feel that I'd be better off at a library or with the Missouri Department of Conservation, which are jobs that I could do that would inform my writing and not threaten it.

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