03 May 2006

Laptop stuff.

Actually I'm getting lazy this time and sending you over to Elizabeth's blog, which has conference stuff in better detail than I do!

I finally went out today and bought a new laptop, since the A drive on my old laptop (a Compaq Armada from the Bronze Age) has been clinching up on me. I try to put something on a floppy and GZZGZZGZGGZZZ goes the computer, which has been giving me grief unknown. So I have gotten a cheap Gateway, because really all I want is a glorified typewriter. Also internet access would be nice. But I have discovered that memory sticks are doing the job that an A:drive floppy used to do. Also you can put a lot of novels onto a little memory stick. So now I'm totally sold on those!

The laptops are still at Best Buy, getting a data transfer. But after that's done I can pick them up. Oh boy! So I'm all excited. It's a Mother's Day/birthday present. Not to mention that I need it. And I can also take it off my taxes. So we all win!

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