22 May 2006

Garrison Keillor kicks my ass.

I read this and I had to laugh, thinking about all the times I'm on the SCBWI discussion board talking about how *I* slam my face into the keyboard on a daily basis. But I was also thinking ... his kids didn't get interesting until they were five? What's up with that?

But he's still the Boss. Or one of 'em.


ted_curtis said...

That is a great article...and now I feel like a total scrub for not writing more. Like, what's my excuse?

Garrison Keillor is awesome.

Melinda said...

I honestly don't know how he does it. He's producing a radio show, though I'm sure he has writers that do the scripts, though I'm sure he has to put his pen in on that, too. But then he's doing books and writing the monologue and then that Old Scout column every week. I'm such a putz.

I missed my calling as one of the sound effects people, though. I've always wanted to do what Tom Keith does on PHC.