07 May 2006

I'm baaaaack.

I did find Blackie, the stuffed poodle. She was hiding behind the curtains. Now I remember that Miss Thang was playing hide-and-seek with the poodle earlier. Apparently the dog had hidden herself too well. Sure freaked me out.

We did end up going to the Old Market, and I got two more books about soil and how to build it up. It's so nice that I get all excited about soilbuilding. There's a lot of stuff in horticulture lately that just leaves me cold. It's not that the topics themselves aren't interesting, but I'm just jaded. I'll come around one of these days, though.

In the meantime, I really need to get that book proposal out to Regina about the soilbuilding book. I keep getting cold feet, though, about sending it. "What if it's not the best, what if the sloppy way I've written it loses me the job," etc. Of course, if I don't send it, I don't get rejected.

I keep telling myself that I'm completely jaded about rejection, that rejection doesn't bug me, but obviously that is not the case!

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