26 May 2006

Holy calzone.

I had to hold off on posting this until I got my Symphonians post out of the way.

Actual e-mail:


Hi Melinda,

We received your proposal for the soil building book today, but I was wondering if you have a proposal available for The Saga of the Rose. That's the title we're most interested in. If you have a proposal for that book, please email it to me right away, and please copy Regina on it (something@somebody.com).

Thanks so much, and if you have any questions, you can call me after Tuesday at (random numbers here).

All Best,

Anne Wells
Assistant Agent


BRC: You say, Naah, not really, I'd rather do the soil book.


I better get off my ass, seeing as there is no actual proposal for the rose saga book, only a couple of articles. Aw, damn, just when I was getting some momentum going on Symphonians. But, as they say on earth, c'est la vie. So am I going to sit here and whine, or am I going to start working until my eyes fall out??

That's more like it. Ship the kid to work tomorrow with the husband, he won't mind. Just to get him back for the above comment!

On the i-Pod: "When It's Love" -- Van Halen.

Oh, I *know* when it's love.

Though a more appropriate song would be "Back in the Saddle" by Kelley Hunt.


Lizzy said...

How's the proposal coming? Still plugging away?

Melinda said...

Still plugging despite all the excitement. One sister moving out of her house, the other having a baby, and Miss Thang going to kindergarten.

I'll give you an update later on.