18 May 2006

Short update on Symphonians.

I was chasing kindergarteners around all day, so that was fun, or something! There's always one or two that get on my nerves, where I'm thinking, "Did I not tell you to sit down 36 times in the last five minutes? And here you are up again."

Yesterday, though, I subbed at a high school. I prefer high school to elementary subbing because I can get a little story work done. And that was the case yesterday. I was filling in for the biology teacher, and her students were working on their Powerpoint presentations on biomes. So mostly I was helping students find files and making sure they weren't playing computer games instead of working. Also had to wrestle 6th hour around a little, because we had some backtalkers in there -- folks who want to see how much they can tweak the teacher/sub/whoever. Otherwise the day went smoothly.

And what do you know, I finished writing all the scene-by-scene outlines for each chapter in part 2. Except for the last chapter, which I'm going to rewrite. Then I started writing a plot outline for part 2. Whew! I was beat at the end of the day.

Getting this done has raised my spirits. While doing the chapter outlines, I was also getting lots of ideas and writing them in the margins of my MS -- places to expand the text, possible character reactions, and ways to make Kay and Carter both more pleasing characters (but still human of course).

My writing work has backed up in the weeks since the KC conference, partly because of the new laptop, which isn't hooked up to the printer and needs more memory, but partly because I got swamped by other things, one of which was the garden, which I finally mulched and planted. A little late, but oh well. I hope I can get caught up tomorrow, a little. I still need to get that proposal out to Regina, for instance! Also need to do laundry like you wouldn't believe. My husband's out of socks. Poor man.


Brad said...

Actually, I bought new socks. The others were getting... battle fatigued.

Melinda said...

Well darlin, maybe you should also take those battle-fatigued socks and throw them away and make room for all the new socks. I am actually doing laundry today, so take that.

Thanks for getting the laptop working. You're a good man. See you tonight!