01 May 2006

Conference news part 1

Just thinking about this is wearing me out. Okay, I'm already worn out, but it's my own damn fault. My husband had the DVD of "Ray" playing when I was ready to go to sleep last night -- I didn't know I'd be up until after midnight watching it. So that was evil. Good movie, but at the wrong time!

Let's see ... I moderated the children's session of the 90-second shameless pitches. We were behind on the schedule so I kept things moving. I had fun moderating. I just treated the event like the poetry reading we used to have here in town with the Gang of Poets, except here we didn't raise hell until the authorities showed up. But I tried to make it fun, filled up the silence (as the participants walked across the big room to take the mic) by making wisecracks and dumb jokes, and folks seemed to appreciate that. Also did my best to make the readers feel comfortable and more at ease. My own pitch went over like a dead cat on the freeway, which kind of upset me at the time, but now I'm like, what the hell, I'll try something less intense next time.

I helped out at the conference a lot. The nice thing about volunteering is that folks appreciate your help, and sometimes you get the chance to help out the editors and agents and authors, too. Maybe it'll come back to me later, and even if it doesn't, it's cool.

Shoot, I better get out of here. I still have to go to the bank before I go to the school district office. More conference stuff later! Maybe I should write something useful next time, about how to get the most out of your conference. Let's try that.


Kim said...

I'm enjoying your conference posts! And, I'm sadder than sad that I wasn't able to attend.

Lizzy said...

You were a great moderator. And your pitch was very good.

Melinda said...

Kim, I too wish that you had been able to attend. It was a damn good conference. Also, on my end, now I'm able to match faces with folks who I know from chatting online.

Lizzy, I'm glad you enjoyed my pitch and the moderating. I really had a good time up there.